Kawaii Sale: Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky, Way of the Samurai 4, Hatoful Boyfriend, and more!

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Sakura Season begins on GOG.com with games up to 75% off!

Welcome to Japan! It’s a quite enchanting, slightly bizarre, and totally fascinating place – plus it’s absolutely beautiful during the cherry blossom season! We’ve found a pretty convenient way to get spirited away there and take you with us: through the magic of videogames. Everything in this Kawaii Sale has been touched or inspired by those unique Japanese sensibilities we’ve grown to love and is up to 75% off.

It’s not just the extravagant haircuts, the expressive eyes, or the colorful creatures – there’s something timeless about these games that always makes us feel young at heart.
Grandia II Anniversary Edition is a prime example of an archetypical jRPG whose charms never fade. When Gaming Nexus reviewed the game, they concluded that “this updated re-release is a testament to how much fun a well-crafted turn-based role-playing game can be.”

Less epic, but definitely not less memorable, Hatoful Boyfriend made IGN admit that “it has a strange premise and though it embraces that weirdness fully, it is able to surpass the label of silly dating sim by presenting interesting themes and characters through strong writing”.

Are you a fan of narrative-driven, turn-based fantasy? Then you’ll love The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky! RPGFan described it as “a slow-paced but charismatic RPG with an incredibly well-crafted world and characters”.

As always, there’s more – including up to 75% off Corpse Party, Way of the Samurai 4, and Xanadu Next. Plus, stay tuned for new games and deals this Friday!

The Kawaii Sale will last until February 27, 5PM UTC.

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