Release: The Black Mirror

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Mirror mirror on the wall, darkest castle of them all!

Black Mirror Castle stands over ancient lands with secrets buried and best forgotten. The crumbling ruins breathe with a life of their own, haunted by the past and waiting to meet the present. Following the sudden death of his grandfather, Samuel Gordon returns to his estate after an absence of twelve years. While attempting to understand the reasons behind his grandfather’s death, he uncovers an ancient family secret. As Samuel learns the truth of the mysterious origins of the land and history of Black Mirror Castle, he comes face to face with madness, murder, and the true reflection of his soul.

The Black Mirror delivers a thrilling, original horror story featuring six different chapters and five hours of spoken dialogue. There’s over 150 locations to explore as you seek to unravel the grim mysteries of Black Mirror Castle, solving puzzles and riddles in a dark, haunting atmosphere. On the game comes packed with lots of exclusive digital bonus content, including an original soundtrack (MP3 only) and a special editon soundtrack in both high-quality MP3 as well as FLAC format.

If you’re the one to seek out eerie tales of mysticism and murder playing out in old gothic castles, away from the lights of the world, make sure to pick up The Black Mirror, for only $7.99 on The 20% off special release discount lasts until Thursday, July 10, at 9:59AM GMT.

Source: GOG – Good Old Games


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