New Subscription Pricing


By SyncError

We are happy to announce today a change to our subscription service. Effectively immediately, we have permanently lowered the price of Pro subscriptions and are no longer selling Premium subscriptions, bringing us down to one subscription level. We have some additional changes in the pipeline for the coming weeks and months, but wanted to get this first step out as soon as we could. Be sure to follow us during QuakeCon, as we will have some more Quake Live related news to announce there!

Now is a great time to check out our new prices and go Pro!

How are Quake Live subscriptions changing?

We are no longer selling new Premium subscriptions and tokens, and will begin to only sell Pro subscriptions at a reduced price. We have also removed the option for 6 month subscriptions as they are the least popular out of all subscriptions. We are making this change in order to simplify our offerings, and in preparation of some future changes to Quake Live.

What happens to my Premium subscription?

Nothing. We will continue to renew your Premium subscription at the current prices, until we are unable to renew your Premium subscription for any reason. At that point, you will only have the choice to purchase a new Pro subscription. Unused Premium tokens will still redeem to your account as Premium time.

I just purchased a Premium subscription, and want to upgrade to Pro. Can I do this?

Upgrade pricing still applies. At any time, you can upgrade to Pro, and you will receive a credit based on how much Premium time you have left.

Source: Quake Live


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