Weekend Promo: The Bold and the Bountiful

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75% off King’s Bounty: Dark Side, Men of War: Assault Squad, Master of Orion 1+2 and more.

War can be a cruel thing but also a minefield of buried opportunities. If you can navigate and survive it, brave the surrealism and inhumanity of it all, the spoils you will unearth might just seem worth the trouble. Especially if they are of the magical variety. But you need to be bold, ambitious, and occasionally desperate. You also need to keep your eyes on the prize, whether it is that Enchanted Tiara of Painful Headbutts, glorious immortality, or the promise of a better tomorrow. And no matter your prefered reward for going to war, you will definitely find it in our Weekend Promo: The Bold and the Bountiful.

If it is strategic glory and historical participation that you seek, you will find yourself in good company among the Men of War, swapping stories with your fellow Soldiers: Heroes of World War II or raining death from above on your IL-2 Sturmovik. But warfare can also be whimsical and exhilarating when you are out seeking the King’s Bounty, either by jumping between Crossworlds or by role-playing your Dark Side fantasies. It can also be more subtle than just causing Total Annihilation on the enemy forces by launching a Massive Assault, as wars are often decided by stealthily bringing Death to Spies. So try on your many Faces of War and be sure to claim your just rewards as a veteran of the virtual battlefields.

Boldly fight your way towards plentiful loot and long-lasting fame with our Weekend Promo: The Bold and the Bountiful of 35+ titles going for 75% off, including Space Rangers HD, Galactic Assault: Prisoner of Power, Master of Orion 1+2, Perimeter and more. The promo will last until January 26, …read more

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