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The most British sentence we could think of: Lend me a jack would'ja and call the fuzz, 'cause I think those blokes have gone mental and are up for some barney.

The most dangerous game?

The door opens. A gentleman of the robotic persuasion stands before, puffing gently on an anachronistic pipe. In its hands, a tray: on the tray, a card with subtle off-white coloring. It’s tastefully thick–it even has a watermark! On it, the simple, dreaded salutation: Sir, you are being hunted. And with that, the horror unfolds…

In Sir, You are Being Hunted, you visit a procedurally-generated world where robots in tweed hunt you whilst guzzling tea and gobbling crumpets. You, in turn, must run, must hide, and must gather together the supplies to fight back. Even once you’re armed, it’s hardly a sure thing that you will manage to resist the uncaring hordes of upper-crust automata and survive the deadly hunt, as the brutal AI learns from you and gets tougher as you play.

With a variety of biomes, a smattering of foes, a dash of weapons, and a soupçon of bizarre gadgetry, Sir, You are Being Hunted is, without a doubt, the oddest entry to the survival horror genre in quite some time, but the fine team at the appropriately-named Big Robot, Ltd have brought it all together to make a fantastic experience. Jolly good rummy rot!

Pick up Sir You are Being Hunted for $16.99 (which is 15% off the full price) before 9:59 AM GMT on 08 May 2014. As always, it’s 100% DRM-free.

Source: GOG – Good Old Games


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