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Heroes of Might and Magic series, Assassin’s Creed, Rayman Origins, FarCry 1 and 2, modern Prince of Persia games, and many more unforgettable Ubisoft titles 60% off

Welcome to our unbelievable Unbelievably Ubi promo, celebrating one of the most unique modern game publishers: Ubisoft, famous for releasing original titles, full of pure gaming magic and memorable moments. This weekend you can get more than 40 Ubisoft titles 60% off. Amazing action-adventures in the ancient or medieval Middle East or dystopian future, first-person perspective shooters telling the stories of secret agents or special forces operatives stranded on dangerous islands, strategies set in fantastic lands, the distant future, or our very own mundane reality, colorful platformers, racing games, classic dungeon-crawling RPGs–all this and more waiting for you and tempting you with low, low prices. Let’s put some titles in the spotlight, shall we?

Heroes of Might and Magic is a game series so prominent, that it surely needs no introduction. In fantasy turn-based strategies it’s quite hard to find a match for this legendary saga that challenges our strategic and management skills since the year 1996. Based on the successful setting of the fan-favorite classic cRPG, Might and Magic, it achieved a great balance between accessibility and complexity that resonates perfectly with gamers. After all these years Heroes of Might and Magic 3: Complete Edition is still considered by many to be the perfect turn-based strategy title. Some fans, however, prefer the more modern Heroes of Might and Magic 5: Bundle, that takes the beloved mechanics into the beautiful realm of 3D graphics. That’s only two titles, though. All of our Might and Magic games, strategy and RPG alike, can be found 60% off in the promo page.

Rayman is an iconic character and his platformer games entertained generations of gamers. As many other platformer series, his adventures also took a turn into the realm of 3D. They were quite successful at that, mind you, but there’s something about the run-and-jump genre, that simply makes it work best in two dimensions. Rayman Origins takes us back to the 2D roots of platformer gaming, and reminds us why this kind of graphics and this kind of gameplay is a perfect match. Plus, it introduces a lot of fresh ideas while doing so.

Far Cry and Far Cry 2: Fortune’s Edition will take you on a dangerous voyage through breathtaking locations filled to the brim with dangerous foes and ruthless beasts. The first one released 10 years ago, those elaborate FPS titles were deemed revolutionary–not only in the graphics layer, but also for their huge open worlds allowing for semi-sandbox gameplay. Are you ready to face the tropical heat?

All of those Ubisoft games, and many more, can be yours for 60% off this weekend. Go to the Unbelievably Ubi to check out the details of this Unbelievably Ubi sale. The offer ends on Tuesday, May 6 at 3:59AM GMT. Don’t miss out!

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