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Well it rolls around the world from Kiev to Carolina
It's hit every single bumper from Berlin to Belize
It'll take you on a ride on a slow boat to China
Tell me where in the world did t

Where in the world did that little silver ball go?

Not enough games pioneer a new space in the plot-based geographical exploration pinball sim genre, and that’s a shame. You’ve got your Pinball Worlds, you’ve got Other than rumors of a Carmen Sandiego / pinball FPS that was abandoned back in 1998, we can’t think of much. Each of these genres singularly is something special, and when you mix them all together, you get a truly remarkable achievement. Pinball World creates a grand vista of interconnected pinball tables that are all united around the theme of travelling around the world via small tables trapped under lucite.

It lacks some of the majesty of travelling to destinations in real life, but it’s hard to knock the convenience.

With 9 main tables set in the UK, Germany, Africa, the Big Apple, the Far East, and more, each table brings a number of special effects, cool features, and even unlockable bonus tables. As one of the very few pinball games with a save/load feature to help you make the most of the sprawling, interconnected nest of tables, it also has cool little driving minigames between each of the tables, giving you a break in between ceaseless flipping flippers and bumping bumpers.

For just $5.99, it’s hard to say no to a game like Pinball World that pushes the limits of what can be conceived for a pinball game, and manages to turn out an excellent experience in the process.

Source: GOG – Good Old Games


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