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Don’t Starve Even More!

Don’t Starve is a charming game about working in a all-you-can-eat buffet, where the daily challenges are few and simple. In “Reign of the Giants”, a visiting basketball team literally falls in your lap from the sky above like a rain of gian–no, wait. I’m told that all of the above is a lie. Let me try again:

Don’t Starve is a game about not starving. This sounds like it could be easy, but literally every single freaking thing around would be happiest if you starved. From the seasons to the wildlife, everything is busy taking food from the food chain and putting it somewhere other than in your stomach. It’s not an easy game, but definitely a rewarding one once you have figured out how to balance all of the challenges.

Which is where Reign of Giants comes in: now with torrential rains in spring and blistering droughts in summer, suddenly the “safe” seasons are no longer guaranteed to be quiet and tranquil affairs of OHGODOHGODMONSTERSATEMYFACEOHGOD. There are now more biomes, which means a varied palette of gorgeous new terrain has arrived, and with it have come the concomitant monsters to eat your face. There are new scientific discoveries, new mysteries to plumb, and even new characters to play! Finally–and this may only be a rumor–but there are large creatures in this game, and they might be giants. Spoiler alert: the giants probably want to eat your face.

If you’re a fan of games that are hard but fair, games that are filled to the brim with exploration, and experiences that will delight and terrify alike, then you should already own Don’t Starve. If you do own Don’t Starve–or if we’ve piqued your interest in it with this DLC–then you should own the Reign of Giants DLC. It’s the bee’s knees of third-person survival sim terror, and it’s 10% off for just $4.49 until 09:59 AM GMT on 07 March.

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