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Up to 90% off Telltale adventures, Tex Murphy, Blackwell series and more!

There is only so much adventuring you can do in a lifetime. Your eyes will go bad eventually, your mouse will kick the bucket, and it’s pretty likely that you’ll end up with carpal tunnel syndrome before getting around to every adventure game out there. Time is a valuable thing, but a weekend gaming spree is no time to be hung up on your own mortality. That’s why this weekend is all about Timeless Adventures: games that transcend time and generations, games that don’t ever seem to grow old, and series that can’t help but keep falling back into our loving embrace.

Playing Tesla Effect: A Tex Murphy Adventure is like going back to early days of adventuring in all all the right ways. Plenty of full-on campy live-action sequences and first-person exploration make this an authentic but accessible Tex Murphy experience, a must for long time fans and curious new gamers alike at 75% off.

Tales of Monkey Island and Sam & Max are a Telltale take on the world-famous, long-lost series of adventure games. It’s all the humour and charm that conquered hearts in the nineties, packed into a beautifully modern 3D package. Gamers know to hold Telltale to the highest adventuring standard, and this pair of episodic throwbacks is exactly the reason why, available now for 90% off!

Sometimes you don’t want a fancy updated experience, sometimes you want to go back to how things used to be (without the annoying parts). The Blackwell series is exactly that: pixelated everything and a classic point-and-click interface. If you have exhausted your supply of classic adventure games, The Blackwell Series will draw you in for a fantastically written retro adventure at a 70% discount.

The Timeless Adventures promo includes more time-bending and timeless classics including Back to the Future: The Game, Simon the Sorcerer and more Tex Murphy adventures at up to 90% off! The promo will last until 4:59AM GMT on Tuesday, January 27.

Source:: GOG – Good Old Games


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