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Shadow Watch, a stunningly stylized tactical classic, is available now for Windows, DRM-free on

There’s a special, timeless aesthetic to Shadow Watch. It stands out from the crowd, there’s no doubt about that – but it also looks as good as any modern-day release. For a 15 year old game, that’s a nothing short of a feat.

Dive into a comic-book world of interrogation and espionage in Shadow Watch – tactical turn-based gameplay in the spirit of X-Com and the gang, but it aims to keep things simple and varied (rather than in-depth and confounding). The familiar strategy layer is just as rewarding as ever, but it’s never unnecessarily complicated and always easy to learn. Still, the real meat is in the fact that tactics are just one part of the experience. Before setting out on your mission you’ll have to aptly prepare your team, as well as scout for intelligence, and interrogate your contacts. Your story and the flow of the game will rely on who you talk to, what you get out of them – and what you decide to do with the information.

A special shoutout to awalterj who relentlessly wears the Shadow Watch avatar. You weren’t able to grab the game while here, so we thought it’s high time to put it on the shelf!

Watch your step in Shadow Watch, available DRM-free on

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Tune in to tonight for a live showing of this tactical classic in action! ScreamingJoypad is showing it off starting 8pm GMT (10pm CEST, 4pm EDT, 1pm PDT).

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