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A Point & Click Hugventure.

Remember how adventure games used to be super-weird back in the day? Welll… Here’s Dropsy, available on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux — DRM-free on with a 10% discount.

Dropsy used to be a beloved circus clown, bringing joy to his little town alongside his Ma’ and Pop. His unfortunate appearance and inability to communicate obscured by the happiness, spirit of joy, and entertainment he brought upon the world – but when a fire causes Dropsy to lose his mother, his livelihood, and the life he’s always known – he’s left getting-by in a decrepit circus-tent, caring for his sickly father. Still, unphased, Dropsy does what he can to share his positive outlook on life with everyone. Literally everyone..
Dropsy‘s objective is to… hug. Hug ’em all. But when you’re a hulking, scary-looking clown, people can take a while to warm up to the idea – they also run super fast. But there’s a chance: the folk you encounter around town will all have a very particular need, communicated through visual thought bubbles that breach all language barriers. You’ll traverse the city looking for the right solution, never obscure or too confounding, and win the hearts and love of the people. Dropsy‘s classic art style, playful music and love-filled message provide a stark contrast to his face. His awful, awful face.

Clown around in Dropsy, DRM-free on The launch discount will last for one week, until Thursday, September 17.

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Want to see the creepy clown live? MegapiemanPHD will be playing it live on our channel. Tune in to tomorrow (Friday, September 11th) starting at 4pm GMT (or 6pm CESt, 12pm EDT, and 9am PDT in some other time zones)!

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