Release: Dungeons 2 + A Chance of Dragons

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This time, you’re playing for keeps.

Dungeons 2, an ode to a classic with a brand new twist, is available now, DRM-free on The game comes complete with GOG Galaxy Support for Achievements, and a 50% launch discount.

The Ultimate Evil, the Dungeon Lord is back, with a burning vengeance and malice. Dungeons 2 is an homage to the classic Dungeon Keeper games, but it also introduces its own twists and interesting improvements, all to strike just about the ideal balance between the new and the classic. Fans of the original dungeon keeping experiences are sure to find plenty of familiar joy here, while stumbling upon things that are new, fun, or just plain better. In Dungeons 2 you’ll not only create your own dungeon of doom & gloom, but also expand into the foreign outerworld to take the fight straight to your enemies.
Narrated by Kevan Brighting (the star of the Stanley Parable) Dungeons 2 is a game that puts fun and whimsy first – in a true, classic spirit.

There’s a treasure buried deep in the lairs of ancient dragons, nasty, devious creatures bent on taking over the world. Fight fire with fire, and unleash your evil upon the dragon invasion. But first, you’ll have to pick up Dungeons 2: A Chance of Dragons, the hefty add-on with over 10 hours of gameplay, all-new enemies and fiery challenges.

Keep up with Dungeons 2 available now, DRM-free on The launch discount will last for four days, until Sunday, September 13, 1:59 PM GMT.

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