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Riding the intergalactic highway.

Master of Orion, the glorious return of the legendary 4X strategy, is available now for Windows and Mac, DRM-free on, with GOG Galaxy support for achievements and multiplayer.

Most strategy-inclined kids have at some point in their lives dreamt of becoming the true Master of Orion. To conquer a whole galaxy through sly negotiations, intense technological research, or even all-out war. Now the dream is coming back to life, as you will once again pilot your customizable ship(s) and explore up to 100 star systems, populated by the ten alien races that franchise veterans fell in love with.

A star-studded cast of acclaimed voice-actors breathe life into these characters and make interactions as fun as the addictive turn-based gameplay that players have come to expect from a true Master of Orion successor. During its In Development lifecycle the game has received massive updates, while the gameplay mechanics were getting constantly tweaked and re-calibrated to perfection, thanks in no small part to the community’ feedback.

Engage in interstellar warfare and limitless exploration in the vivid new Master of Orion, DRM-free on If you want to claim everything the galaxy has to offer, go for the Collector’s Edition now or opt to upgrade later. This edition includes the three vintage Master of Orion games, a wonderful Digital Art Book, the game’s orchestral soundtrack, an additional race, and more. It’s also 15% off until September 4, 4:59 PM UTC!

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Do you happen to own any of the classic Master of Orion games on Steam? For one week, you are eligible to redeem them on for free through GOG Connect!

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