Kerbal Space Program update 1.2 now launched!

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Receiving Loud and Clear.

Kerbal Space Program, the physics-based, space exploration simulator, has been updated to version 1.2 “Loud and Clear”. Apart from a space rocket full of fixes, it launches plenty of neat features and additions including:

– CommNet: Build an autonomous communications network and start transmitting science!
– KerbNet: Sent out reconnaissance satellites to scan for biomes, anomalies, and other points of interest.
– A reworked Fuelflow System to better control how your vessels use their fuel.
– Wheels now behave much more dependably in all the vehicles that use them (like rovers and aircrafts).

Besides those, the game engine has been upgraded to Unity 5.4 and Kerbal Space Program also received a whole bunch of tweaks and re-calibrations that are guaranteed to take your space misadventures to a whole other level. Or even planet.
You can read the detailed changelog here or watch this nice trailer highlighting the main features:

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Source:: GOG – Good Old Games


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