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Impossible is nothing. If not fun!

Impossible Creatures, an outrageous RTS that lets you “mesh” around with animal DNA and build your own mutant army, DRM-free on Get it now with the 40% launch discount.

Noah put two of every animal in the Ark. This was cool at the time, but now along comes Rex Chance, a ’30s war correspondent, curious to see what happens when you smush two animals into one. Why? Because DNA fusion is fun, and because he thinks there is great untapped potential in these strange pairings. Unfortunately, so does Upton Julius, the megalomaniac villain who stole the mysterious Sigma technology for himself, and is now threatening to conquer the world with his own army of mutant beasts.

Collect animal DNA, build your own unique units, and defeat Julius and his evil lieutenants in 15 different maps stretching across jungles, deserts and snow-ridden landscapes that make up the mysterious Isla Variatas. Create your own menacing winged scorpion, adorable kangaroo-shark, angry horned bear or any other Impossible Creature you desire – the possible combinations are only limited by your own imagination (or gross-out threshold). Then, go online and test your DNA-fusing skills against other wannabe-mad scientists in three different multiplayer modes.

Play God in this 3D hybrid of strategy and creativity, as your Impossible Creatures march forward, DRM-free on Get them now with a launch discount that will last until next Thursday, December 3rd, 1:59 PM GMT.

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