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The fate of your city hangs in the balance.

Even the Ocean, a thought-provoking action/platformer about an ordinary woman who must defend her futuristic city from a mysterious calamity, is available now for Windows and Mac, DRM-free on with a 10% launch discount.

Aliph was mostly content with her technician job at the power plant of Whiteforge City. But one day, while doing the rounds, her story takes a violent yet interesting turn: a mysterious incident grants her powers she never asked for and she must now balance her Dark and Light energies to face the danger that got unleashed upon her city.
Explore Whiteforge and its surrounding locations, meet with friends, allies, or the occasional stranger that will offer you cryptic advice, and try to figure out a way to stabilize the city. The game’s difficulty is fully customizable, letting you choose whether you want to be challenged by the action/platforming scenarios or just focus on the environmental issues and Aliph’s struggle to cope with her diverging identities.

Help Aliph keep her Dark and Light energies in check and save Even the Ocean, DRM-free on If you’ve fallen in love with the atmospheric Soundtrack, make sure to also add it to your collection.

GOG-exclusive offer: Even the Ocean is the kind of game that can inspire interesting discussions. So grab the Friend Pack, which contains a second copy at a fraction of the price, gift it to a friend and get ready for some fun debates.

The Friend Pack offer and the 10% launch discount will last until November 30, 4:59 PM UTC.

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