Coming Soon: Nine Parchments

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I’ll show you how to spell!

Nine Parchments, a magical festival of co-operative pandemonium is coming soon, DRM-free on!

The world is not ready for you or your fellow wizard school drop-outs but don’t let that stop you from practicing your craft in public! Gather up to four friends, venture into the unsuspecting outdoors and combine your spellcasting efforts into weird, creative, and outright devastating combos. Five magical elements are waiting for you to experiment with and shape them into formidable spells of all kinds: Beams, Projectiles, AOE, Physical spells – you name it! Keep blasting the randomly generated monsters with them and you’ll unlock more and more items and characters to spread chaos with. Don’t worry about dying or accidentally zapping your friends into tiny bits – nobody got the hang of spellcasting on their first try. Or the 101st.

Wishlist Nine Parchments, summon some friends and prepare for a hilarious spellcasting bonanza — DRM-free on

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Source:: GOG – Good Old Games


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