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Sim Heaven & Hell.

Afterlife, a Lucasfilm god game, a digital premiere, is available now for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux–DRM-free on

Afterlife is… a weird game. It’s so many things at once, and a few brand new concepts to boot. The premise is an otherworldly twist on SimCity – you’re in charge of supplying a satisfactory afterlife experience to the inhabitants of the Planet. The Planetfolk, called EMBOs (or Ethically Mature Biological Organisms) and their SOULs (Stuff of Unending Life) need to be fully supplied with all the pleasure or pain they’ve earned in life – that includes an absolutely divine final reward, or a sadistic punishment. With plenty of structures, a complex tenet system (watch out for those HOHORALFSUMAists!), and extremely detailed sim mechanics – Afterlife is a unique, satirical god game to die for.

The game includes the official Reference Guide, courtesy of our forum friend EnforcerSunWoo. (Thank you!)

Don’t fear the reaper, fear the disco inferno in Afterlife, a digital premiere now DRM-free on!

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