Release: The Moment of Silence

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Silence can hide the most terrible truths.

The Moment of Silence, a point-and-click conspiracy thriller, is available now DRM-free on with a 75% launch discount. If you are using Windows 10, please make sure that your version is up to date (1511 build 10586).

It is said that ignorance is bliss but the truth will set you free. Peter Wright is an advertiser for the government’s “Freedom of Speech” campaign, a patriot, a law-abiding citizen. But when his neighbor is violently taken from his home by a SWAT team, Peter begins to suspect that even he doesn’t know the whole story, that he may have been unwittingly spreading government propaganda. Curious of the circumstances surrounding the man’s sudden disappearance, Peter sets off on a rogue investigation that leads him straight into an intricate web of lies, corruption, and dangerous secrets that originate from high up. Very high up.

Join him as he struggles to break The Moment of Silence that engulfs the futuristic, Orwellian society of 2044 New York: gathering intelligence, collecting items and solving brain-twisting puzzles. But before he can manage to piece together the horrible truths kept hidden from the public, he must travel between dozens of diverse, beautifully-rendered locations scattered around the world, where danger awaits at every corner.

Unveil world-shattering secrets and pierce through The Moment of Silence, now DRM-free on The launch discount will last for 24 hours until December 2nd, 3:59 PM GMT.

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