Weekly Sale: This may interest you – Up to 90% off

Classic Games

Worth checking out.

Sometimes games fly under your radar and it’s not until someone points them out to you that you realize the severity of your oversight.
We are that someone.
Here are several games that may have escaped your attention, neatly presented in a Weekly Sale with an up to 90% discount slapped on it.

Songbringer, a Zelda-like action-RPG with procedurally generated pixel-art goodness, follows the misadventures of Roq and Jib, as they venture into perilous dungeons to try and conquer the evil they’ve unwittingly unleashed.

If you’re looking for delightful surprises, try Driftmoon, a role-playing adventure full of secrets, magical quests, and whimsical characters, just as they made them in the good ol’ days.

The Weekly Sale ends May 14, 10 PM UTC.

Looking for more? Active Media are having their 7th Anniversary today and we’re celebrating with a Special Sale, which includes gems like Astabreed, La-Mulana, Momodora and more. Last until May 14, 10 PM UTC.

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Source:: GOG – Good Old Games


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