Celebrating 20 years of Jazz Jackrabbit 2

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Join the multiplayer, win an autographed copy, play the games at 25% off

Time, huh? If you’re anything like us, growing up a PC gamer in the 90s, there’s no doubt that Epic’s Jazz Jackrabbit and his hare-brained hijinks were a pretty big part of your childhood.

And now, it’s been twenty years since Jazz Jackrabbit 2!

We’ve teamed up with Epic and Jazz2Online – the oldest and undying Jazz community out there – to celebrate 20 years of bun-on-turtle platforming action.
This is a neat excuse to grab Jazz Jackrabbit and Jazz Jackrabbit 2 at 25% off this week, the biggest discount so far!
We’d love to have you for this week’s big Jazz Jackrabbit 2: Birthday Hullabaloo: a non-stop multiplayer bash revisiting over 500 of the awesomest home-cooked maps from the past two decades.

You can also win a physical jewel-case copy of Jazz Jackrabbit 2, just like the old days, autographed by one of the founding fathers of Jazz. Details here!

Join us at Jazz2Online to see more of Jazz Jackrabbit 2’s 20-year history, the giveaway, and a how-to join the Birthday Hullabaloo.

The Jazz Jackrabbit series discount will last until Monday, 10 AM CET.
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