Pre-order: The Vanishing of Ethan Carter – Special Edition

Classic Games

Weird fiction gamified.

Inspired by the weird fiction (and other tales of the macabre) from the early twentieth century, The Vanishing of Ethan Carter aims to significantly evolve immersive storytelling in games. While it features a private detective and quite a few mental challenges, The Vanishing of Ethan Carter is not an especially puzzle-ridden game. Our focus is on atmosphere, mood, and the essential humanity of our characters. Still, the discoveries won’t happen on their own, or without your help. Using both Paul’s supernatural skill of being able to communicate with the dead, and your own powers of observation, you will discover the mystery behind a trail of corpses, the roots of a dark ancient force lurking in Red Creek Valley, and the fate of a missing boy.

This is is a first-person story-driven mystery game that focuses entirely on exploration and discovery. It contains no combat or explosions of any kind. If our game leaves any scars, we hope you won’t be able to see them. Feeling intrigued? Pre-order The Vanishing of Ethan Carter – Special Edition today, for $19.99. This bonus-packed version is a pre-order exclusive. The regular version will take its place after the game launches on Thursday, September 25, and it will be available – sans bonus content – for the same price.

Source: GOG – Good Old Games


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