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Beware the weaponized hedgehogs, deadlier than the deadliest death stare!

By the start of the final lap, the Camel was sure of his victory. He’d timed all the turns, all the drifts, and all the jumps perfectly. The bomb the Panda swung his way missed by inches and hit the unexpecting Elephant. The oil puddle left on the track by the sneaky Raccoon did make his kart spin, but he managed to maintain the momentum. The finish line was so close – suddenly a well aimed hedgehog bounced hard on the poor Camels noggin. The last thing he heard before losing control and falling into a water trap, was the maniacal laughter of that blasted Shark. “Next time” – he thought as the water closed over his head – “it won’t be just a race – I’ll challenge that damn fish to a shoot-out!”.

Wacky Wheels brings the pure joy and excitement of cartoony kart racing to PC computers. Or, actually, it already did 20 years ago. The game remains a blast to play up to this day! There are three classes of tracks to race on, from novice to expert, which present a wide range of wacky racing conditions. All tracks have special obstacles and dangers: water traps, cacti, oil slicks, posts, stacks of tires, and more. Some tracks are surrounded by water and even lava. But what you’re not expecting is the hedgehogs! Grab all the track-populated hedgehogs you can and hurl them like baseballs at the other racers to send them spinning out of control – giving you time to pass ’em by. Other weapons to collect include bombs, oil slicks, ice blocks, and flame balls. Everything to make the race more interesting for your opponents!

If you’re longing for some arcade racing that’s all about fun you should not miss Wacky Wheels, for only $9.99 on

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