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Locked in a timeless conflict.

Massive Chalice, a kickstarter-born Double Fine strategy, is available 20% off, on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux, DRM-free on!

A 300 year war draws near, your people need a leader. Massive Chalice is a turn-based strategy game that spans hundreds of years and outlives generations of fighters. It’s a desperate fight where every advantage matters, and a strong bloodline is the greatest one you’ll get. No human is perfect, but with careful planning you can breed and design the perfect army which complements itself like sophisticated puzzle. Family matters, so take good care of a young generation and they’ll reward you with their lives – through valiant fight their weapons will become Bloodline Relics to be passed on to aid their children in the struggle. Massive Chalice requires you to plan for years and years ahead, as the Immortal Ruler of a nation locked in epic conflict.

As an added bonus, you can pick up the Original Soundtrack for Massive Chalice, also 20% off. Play it on repeat for 300 years!

Forge heroic bloodlines in Massive Chalice, available now, DRM-free on

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