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Where magic spells doom.

Zenith, a tongue-in-cheek fantasy RPG with reckless wizards messing with chaotic powers, is available now, DRM-free on, with a 20% launch discount.

Say what you will about Argus Windell’s snobbish attitude and outdated ways but the fact is the man knows how to spell. And that’s not all too common in a world full of moronic adventurers, criminally overconfident wizards, and volatile cosmic powers. That’s why, following a series of unfortunate events, Argus is forced to come back from his early retirement and help clean up the mess before the whole world goes the way of the complimentary cloth map.
Aside from his deep knowledge of the arcane, Argus can also swing a mean spell, when the situation calls for it. Which is good too, because as the story progresses, and the bosses keep growing toothier and toothier, he will need all the special combos, peculiar artifacts, and clever pop-culture references that he can get his hands on.

Get ready to kick some serious monster butt and scold some seriously incompetent heroes as you reach your spellcasting Zenith, DRM-free on
The 20% discount will last until September 27, 3:59 PM UTC.

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