Release: Agarest: Generations of War – Collector’s Edition

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Agarest: Generations of War – Collector’s Edition, a fantastic kawaii tactical RPG coming with a full soundtrack, digital artbook, and more sweet, sweet bonus content, is available 50% off, DRM-free on With such a discount we don’t see a good reason to pass on the collector’s version, and get the cheaper regular edition, but if you make that call remember that you can always go for an upgrade later. The -50% discount for all three items (collectors edition, standard edition, and collector’s edition upgrade) lasts until Monday, December 8, at 10:59AM GMT.

Agarest: Generations of War – Collector’s Edition includes many unique features that cannot be found in any other Strategy Role Playing Game. It takes place across 5 generations of heroes, starting with your first character, Leonhardt. During each generation you will build relationships with 3 different female party members, and at the end of each generation’s story arc you must choose to marry one of the girls. Unite with your chosen heroine and use the “Soul Breed” system to shape the fate of the next generation of heroes. Build your ultimate army of warriors and master Extra Skills, Special Arts and Over Kills to defeat colossal enemies! Choose the path of Darkness or Light through a truly epic story, spanning multiple generations, and battle hundreds of different creatures using an array of character abilities, in a compelling and innovative turn-based combat system.

Source:: GOG – Good Old Games


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