Weekly Staff Picks: Talk Like a Pirate Day

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Up to 80% off some scurvy-free booty: Sid Meier’s Pirates!, Port Royale, Space Pirates and Zombies, Tropico Reloaded, and more!

Welcome aboard, landlubbers! Ready to sail the Caribbean, get acquainted with sea monsters, and scrub the deck clean of our enemies’ guts? It’s easy: All you have to do is grab yourself a peg leg, let your halitosis run rampant, and learn to Talk Like a Pirate. Lessons for the uninitiated are now given below deck, for up to 80% off! Just ask for Flatnose Pete and show this token at the door, savvy?

If you haven’t heard of Sid Meier’s Pirates! by now, chances are you’ve been stranded in a desert island with no rum for a good while. Because that’s a seminal swashbuckling experience filled with treasure, adventure, and pretty maidens waiting to be charmed off their bonnets.

Imagine the galaxy as an ocean of infinite possibilities, depth and… death. Space Pirates and Zombies roam freely here and your ever-growing fleet must make its way through all the procedurally generated threats in order to stop the undead infestation.

Not all pirates are smelly, bloodthirsty thugs with crooked teeth, though! Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse is all about looking fabulous as you’re sass-buckling and platforming alongside the titular genie and her sexy frenemy Risky Boots.

Put on your eyepatch, feed Polly a cracker, and join Talk Like a Pirate Day, where you can hook up with legendary buccaneers like the ones in: Port Royale, Corsairs Gold, Tropico Reloaded, and all the arrrrrthers!
The promo will last until September 23, 9:59 AM UTC.

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