Movie Release: Ecstasy of Order – The Tetris Masters

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There can be only one Tetris Champion.

Ecstasy of Order – The Tetris Masters, world’s greatest Tetris players come together for one final showdown, DRM-free on!

There is a little Tetris in all of us. Phones, calculators, facades – if you can name it, somebody has played Tetris on it. Only a select few, however, can call themselves true “Tetris Masters”. Maxed out scores, most lines in a game, and world championship titles are held by a handful of gamers who dedicated countless hours to truly master this deceptively simple game of speed and order. Ecstasy of Order – The Tetris Masters follows one enthusiast’s search for the best of the best – to bring them together in the most prestigious tournament yet, and find the one truly worthy of being called the absolute Tetris Champion. A series of personal interviews with greatest of Tetris players, their preparations documented, and one final showdown with a special appearance by Tetris’ creator Alexey Pajitnov, make this a highly recommended watch for anyone interested in Tetris and gaming subculture in general.

Source:: GOG – Good Old Games


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