7 Billion Humans 1 year anniversary sale!

7 Billion Humans celebrates it’s 1st anniversary with 50% off discounts on all Tomorrow Corporation’s games!

7 Billion Humans combines puzzle solving with the joys of ordering people about. Find solutions through a unique programming language, where commands are replaced with people and empathy replaced with success. A parallel computer made of people? What else could you want in a game!

Optimize. Revamp. Refine. Improve. Human Resource Machine is a title that’ll have you controlling a team of office workers with simple programing in no time. It’s accessible, it’s logical, it’s just about as evil as you’d expect. Tomorrow Corporation’s all-new, all-sinister take on your reality is as spot on as ever: work smart, not hard.

Little Inferno is a peculiar little game. Partly because it’s a simple fireplace simulator, and partly because it’s an emotional rollercoaster. (It’s also something of a puzzle game.) In Little Inferno you’ll spend most of your time doing two things: buying things, then burning those things. Enter your inner pyromaniac – there’s a curious satisfaction to the burning, and the focus of the game is executed perfectly with beautiful tongues of flame.

The promo ends on August 26th, 2pm UTC.

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Source:: GOG – Good Old Games


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