Double Dragon: Speedrun Contest!

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May your fists strike double-fast!

With the release of the Double Dragon Trilogy on we’ve prepared for you alongside DotEmu a special event – a true test of resolve, skill, and strenght to determine who is worthy of the legendary beat-em up’s legacy. Prove that your soul is a one of a warrior, and speedrun Double Dragon 2: The Revenge (in the version included in the Double Dragon Trilogy) to win awesome prizes from and DotEmu!

Jump on Twitch and broadcast your attempts at beating the game in the fastest way possible – from the opening screen, up to the moment that the last boss bites the dust (“Original” difficulty). Make sure you have the “automatically archive my broadcasts” option toggled on under settings. Save your best run as a Twitch stream highlight or export it to YouTube and send us the link at with the subject “Double Dragon”. Do not delete your original broadcast from the archive! You have until January 31, at 5:00pm GMT / 12:00pm EST / 9am PST to submit your entry. The prizes are:

1st place: An iPad 3 Mini and 9 GOG gift codes
2nd place: A Mad Catz gaming Mouse + Keyboard combo and 6 GOG gift codes
3rd place: An original Sega Master System Double Dragon game cartridge and 3 GOG gift codes

Want to see how it’s done? Need some inspiration? Want to learn some tricks? Join us tonight, at 5:00pm GMT / 12:00pm EST / 9am PST on, and see our speedrun champion taking on Double Dragon 2: The Revenge to set the example for all the contestants and give you more reason to aspire to speedrunning greatness! Note, that you don’t have to beat his time in your entry in order to win – his playthrough is out of the competition.

Join our Double Dragon Trilogy speedrun contest, rove that you’re an arcade champion, have fun, and win great prizes from DotEmu and Again: we’re accepting Twitch highlight or YouTube export.

Source:: GOG – Good Old Games


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