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Vampires 2.0

In 2094 the children of the night have a new playground, as far from the burning rays of sunlight as possible–the cyberspace. With the wired and wireless networks covering the whole of New York with a thick digital shroud, there’s virtually no place out of their reach. The fact that you have fangs at the helms of the megacorporations doesn’t help either. It would seem that humanity is doomed. But this isn’t the story of the human race’s fall. It’s a story of one person’s struggle. When you wake up with two bite marks on your neck in the middle of vampire-ridden Manhattan, and you start to feel the HUNGER, there’s very little time to save your soul. Just remember to install some humanity-boosters in your cyber-deck.

BloodNet is a remarkable game that brilliantly blends horror and cyberpunk in a mixture of adventure and RPG gameplay. You will explore the gritty locations of a high-tech futuristic city full of cyber-enhanced freaks, and tread the dangerous paths of the Cyberspace, that houses more demons than it did ever before. Build a team of deckers, cyberpunks, mercenaries, and rage gangers to help you in your desperate fight for your last threads of humanity. With a dark, memorable story, a haunting setting, graphics that aged surprisingly well, and hours of exciting and original gameplay, this classic title is a cyberpunk delight you cannot say no to.

Face some of mankind’s greatest fears and enter the high-tech realm of BloodNet, for only $2.39 on The 60% off Gem Promo offer lasts only until Tuesday, April 1, at 9:59AM GMT.

Source: GOG – Good Old Games


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