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The chronicle of the Third Era is yours to write!

Imagine! Empires rising and falling before your very eyes, led to victory or defeat by heroes of legend so powerful that they appear to be titans in the eyes of mortals. Sorcerers harness the arcane powers to bend the rules of the world around them. Theocrats twist the wills of their followers with the holy aura bestowed upon them by their deities for their zealous service. Rogues rule the shadows, taking any chance to strike and win before their foes even realize there is a war to fight. Warlords earn the loyalty of their legions by the glory gained in the many battles they emerged from, victorious. Archdruids become one with nature, and the land itself rushes to their aid. Dreadnoughts rely on the art of engineering to construct their unstoppable artificial armies. All those powers, all of their miraculous exploits, all of their desires, all thrown into one realm of war. This shall truly be an age of wonders!

With Age of Wonders III, Triumph Studios aims to set new standards not only for the acclaimed Age of Wonders series, but also for the turn-based strategy genre itself. Taking advantage of all the modern gaming bells and whistles, the title will deliver an impressive level of complexity in gameplay and an immersive, lush, and diverse gameworld that can become your own for hundreds of hours. With the ability to choose one of the six leader classes, you’ll be able to custom-tailor your empire–and by extension your experience with the game–to your personal gameplay style, so you can enjoy the extensive campaign the game offers in any way you like. You’ll be leading into battle armies recruited from within six humanoid races as well as some fantastic creatures and mythical monsters. The turn-based tactical combat itself will prove to be a challenge for the most seasoned of strategy gamers but also scalable enough for beginners to enjoy. With over 50 location types to explore and exploit, hundreds of abilities to master for tactical and strategic advantage over your foes, visually stunning presentation, and a smart random scenario generator providing virtually limitless replayability, this title can become the only turn-based strategy game you’ll need for many years to come!

Get Age of Wonders III, for only $39.99 or the USD equivalent of £29.99, or €39.99 on (or opt in for the splendid Age of Wonders III – Deluxe Edition), and enter the fantastic realm of power and dominion, which will consume you whole.

NOTICE: We’ve made sure that the price difference is by large covered by the extra gift codes you’ll receive, so here’s our Fair Price Package offer :
+ The Fair Price Package for our UK customers affected by local prices is one $9.99 code for anyone who buys the Standard Edition, and two $5.99 codes for the Deluxe Edition.
+ For other European customers affected by local prices the Fair Price Package for Standard Edition is now $9.99 code and one $5.99 code, and for the Deluxe Edition it’s three $5.99 codes.

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