Release: Samorost 3

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A gnomish adventure of cosmic proportions.

Samorost 3, an adorable puzzle/adventure of rewarding experimentation atop strange worlds, is now available DRM-free on for Windows and Mac.

You’ve saved your home planet. You’ve rescued your dog from alien kidnappers. Now adventure knocks at your miniature door once again, as a magic flute of mysterious origins falls from the sky and into your curious hands.

In the past, we’ve entrusted Amanita Design with our endearing journeys through Machinarium‘s aluminum metropolis and Botanicula‘s microscopic ecosystem and never failed to emerge emotionally refreshed. But it all started with Samorost, a unique blend of fantastic imagery and whimsical sound design that immediately invoked a lighthearted familiarity. In the vastly expanded universe of Samorost 3, the structured randomness of Amanita’s signature cause-and-effect gameplay mechanic is once again at the core of the Gnome’s interactions with the bizarre worlds and their even more eccentric inhabitants. Will you be able to find out just where this peculiar flute came from? What dangers, mysteries, and friendships await as you explore these intriguing, unfamiliar planets? All the answers are just one click away. Or several, if you are lucky.

Interact with Samorost 3‘s vividly imagined worlds and creatures while searching for the owner of a magic flute, DRM-free on Can’t get enough of the intoxicating visuals and tunes? Click at the Cosmic Edition and see how the artbook and soundtrack respond. But if you are not ready to commit just yet, you can always grab these wonderful goodies later.

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Source:: GOG – Good Old Games


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