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Giants: Citizen Kabuto, Earthworm Jim series, MDK 1&2, Freespace 1&2, Die by the Sword, and more Interplay classics 50% off!

When a conversation between gamers comes down to listing the absolutely essential PC classics one can’t simply imagine the gaming world without, inevitably Interplay games come up. Most PC gamers are dedicated Interplay fans, even if unknowingly. Even if by some strange twist of life you don’t instantly recognize the label, it’s an easy bet that looking at our this week’s Interplay Irresistibles promo page you’ll immediately notice at least two or three titles that will make you excited or nostalgic. The number of unforgettable classics in Interplay’s offer here on GOG.com is simply astounding. Today, we bring you all of them with a 50% discount. Let’s give our users the chance to talk about some of their favorites!

“My most indelible impression of playing Giants: Citizen Kabuto for the first time all those years ago was of just how FUN it all was. A great sense of humour (British, naturally) coupled with gorgeous graphics, lively characters, a host of play styles and topped off with THE best creature-stomp levels ever presented in gaming.”–says our user GTLC in his review of the game.

I have never played a better “sword fighting” game than Die By The Sword. While the controls take a while to get used to, THEY MAKE SENSE! Being able to control your swings, where they go, how fast, being able to do feints, targeted shots, block, ripostes, etc. What other game gives you that type of control?–asks Shnar in his review of the title he calls the Most realistic sword fighting game EVER!

Besides the offbeat humor and the entertaining variety of the gameplay, MDK has one major thing going for it: presentation. This decade-old game holds up rather well thanks to some inspired level design and art direction. The colors really pop out; the game is dark, but isn’t afraid to throw in vivid reds and oranges amidst the browns, blacks and grays. The dated graphics inadvertently give an otherworldly quality to the world’s architecture. It’s true that the assets are blocky, yet manage to be discernible and even look futuristic somehow. There are some seriously awesome textures here that are meant to disorient the player and try to turn genre conventions upside-down. The game is a joy to look at, listen to, and play[…]–says Chad praising the game’s “unreal art direction”.

That’s only a small part of our weekend offer. Head out to our Interplay Irresistibles promo page and grab yourself some of the best games ever made for the PC, 50% off on GOG.com. The offer lasts until Tuesday, April 1, at 3:59AM GMT.

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