Welcome back Descent series!

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Get the full trilogy with a 66% discount or each game for 40% off!

Did you guys take your Dramamine this morning? Looks like you might need it soon: the beloved Descent trilogy is back and it’s going to spin you right round right round.

Indeed, after disappearing into the darkness for a while, the series that pioneered six degrees of freedom shooting now finally re-emerges on GOG.com. If for whatever unfortunate reason you are not already acquainted with their ground-breaking 3D brilliance, now is your chance to redeem yourself before anyone finds out: get the entire trilogy in a Pack with a 66% discount or just buy Descent, Descent II and Descent 3 individually for -40% each.

This offer lasts until November 26, 11PM UTC.

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Source:: GOG – Good Old Games


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