Planet Nomads: “Monumental Travels” update brings hovercrafts, planetary map and more

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Planet Nomads, the ambitious action/survival sandbox, is inching one step closer to its final release with the 0.8 update, dubbed “Monumental Travels”.
Finally, the time has come for us to learn more about the purpose of these enigmatic alien monuments. But not before we fool around with all the cool new toys this update brings, including:
– A new mode of flying transport,
– Additional customization options that let you alter things like the size of your planet, the day/night cycle, or the water level
– Versatile hovercrafts that can traverse both water and dry land
– A planetary map to help you scan for more monuments

The game’s Soundtrack is now also available to purchase separately.

Planet Nomads is 30% off until November 28, 11PM UTC.

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Source:: GOG – Good Old Games


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