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You can now store your card for later use.

When making any purchase with a credit or debit card, you can now select the option to save your card for later use.

If your payment is successful, that card will be remembered for later use. You’ll be able to select it during your next checkout without retyping the info every time. Simple, straightforward, and probably very familiar.

We’re taking advantage of tried and tested industry-standard solutions used across the world today. Among other things, this means your entered payment data isn’t actually kept anywhere on Once your bank approves the purchase, your entered card number is replaced with a unique, encrypted token that can be used only by us to process your future payments, and which cannot be reverse engineered to resolve your card number and data. From time to time, we’ll also ask you to verify your information based on a number of security factors, like if you haven’t used that card in a long time.

While it’s not required, we also strongly recommend enabling Two-Step Login before saving your payment details.

Keep in mind that you can easily remove your saved payment method through the My Account / Orders section. We’ll also automatically invalidate all payment tokens for any account that hasn’t been used in a long time.

We hope the feature turns out to be particularly useful soon, when you may just feel compelled to click really, really fast.

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