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One tank army.

Uprising: Join or Die, an action/RTS where you command the most advanced vehicle in the galaxy, is available now DRM-free on, with a 25% launch discount.

An alien force strikes the colonized planet Albion in full force. Earth responds by forming a strong military organization that goes after the extraterrestrial aggressors. At least, that’s what the army wants you to believe.

Now a power hungry general has usurped and repurposed the terran government, presently known as the Imperium. But the rebels managed to steal the Wraith, a cutting edge combat vehicle which might turn the tide of this civil war, and have trusted you with it. Through your first-person perspective you can allocate resources, claim strategic points on the map, call down buildings, and form entire bases while you seek out and destroy those of the enemy. In Uprising: Join or Die you must act both as a strategic planner and as the spearhead of the rebel forces, wreaking havoc with your upgradeable and conveniently versatile super-vehicle. It seems like an almost unfair advantage but hey, if they didn’t know how to fight it, they shouldn’t have built it in the first place.

Join the resistance as both a commander and an agent of destruction in Uprising: Join or Die, DRM-free on The 25% launch discount will last until March 24, 1:59 PM GMT.

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