Weekly Staff Picks: We Need To Go Deeper

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Up to 80% off Spelunky, Huniepop, Unepic, Tomb Raider 1+2+3, Steamworld Dig, and more!

Hey, sometimes staying on the surface is fine. There’s nothing wrong with being afraid to venture into unknown caves, dripping with the promise of adventure. But sometimes, We Need To Go Deeper, and for that we’ll need some proper tools. Whether it’s an underground venture or a fall from grace, having the right company and the right equipment makes everything easier. Aside from what people will tell you, though, you don’t need deep pockets in order to go deep. You just need to know the right people and look out for the right opportunities, like these sexy, up to -80% discounts.

Exploring underground crypts, ransacking ancient ruins, and braving spooky caves is a Tomb Raider‘s bread and butter. And if you need to blast some bad guys or climb a steep cliff to get there, then superstar archaeologist Lara Croft is your lady for the job.

Leisure Suit Larry is a ladies’ man, except the ladies didn’t get the memo. But that won’t stop him from employing his goofy charms, crude humor, and semi-accidental puzzle-solving in order to get their attention. And perhaps their room number.

Can Rusty purge this Western village of the evil that lurks below its sandy streets? He sure as hell gonna try! The feverish Steamworld Dig will get him into deep dark places, where treasures, upgrades, and danger abound. Grow a spine and follow him.

Playing it safe might be all good and dandy, but if you want the full experience, then We Need To Go Deeper, get our hands dirty. You might find the following tools quite useful in this expedition: Spelunky, Huniepop, 99 Levels to Hell, and more! The promo will last until August 12, 9:59 AM UTC.

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