Weekly Staff Picks: Off to the Races!

Classic Games

It’s 66% to 82% off Moto Racer 1-3 and MegaRace 1-3.

You thought that our promo strengths have depleted during the epicness that was the Summer Sale? Oh, you delicate, delicate flower – we’re back to the regular swing of things already. Vroom-vroom, [redacted], we are Off to the Races!

For those of you more down-to-earth drivers, we’ve got the Moto Racer trilogy. The classic-est 1997 Moto Racer, a legend among motorcycle racing games and a gem of its kind, starts this epic series off with two driving modes, unlockable maps, and “cheat” codes that add depth to the game (instead of just making winning easier). It is joined by Moto Racer 2, the 1998 sequel, with an even stronger fun factor and 32 new tracks. Still got some wind beneath your moto-wings? Go for the most modern instalment, Moto Racer 3, that has even more blurring speeds, even more new (and crazy!) tracks, and digital recreations of the largest circuits in the world, including Stade de France or Eastern Creek.

Still not enough for your inner speed demon? How about a journey into the world of futuristic racing and highway gangs? That is just what you get in MegaRace, a ‘94 racing game that drops you into a digital world, onto a wide and winding road, with no speed limits.

Step on the gas and go Weekly Staff Picks: Off to the Races! These deals will only be around until Thursday, June 25th, at 9:59 AM GMT – so get your bundles and let’s hear those engines roar!

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