Planet Nomads: Price lowered, spirits lifted

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In space, everyone can hear you cheer.

Planet Nomads, the ambitious sci-fi sandbox game that has been exploring alien planets In Development for the past couple of months, just got its price lowered.

Since its release Planet Nomads has gathered fans, doubters, and curious bystanders along the way, but Craneballs (with whom we had a really nice chat a while back) feel that the game’s price tag is sending the wrong message, occasionally leading to disappointment. In response, they’ve decided to lower it, explaining: “The game has often received a negative review because of the higher expectations set by the higher price. We’re confident we are eventually going to expand Planet Nomads to match the expectations set by the original price – the trouble is, being a small team, it’s going to take us a few months to get there.”

Current owners who may feel strongly about this change, are encouraged to reach out to them directly. Moving forward, Craneballs also promise weekly updates every Thursday, with a major one coming at the 17th of August.

So stay tuned, space-builders, and keep your feedback coming – it can only make Planet Nomads better.

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Source:: GOG – Good Old Games


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