Weekly Staff Picks: This Wasn’t Built in a Day

Classic Games

Up to 80% off timeless city/empire-builders like Caesar 3, Alpha Centauri, Europa Universalis, and more!

Gamers are infamous for their destructive tendencies, but what about the builders among us? Those who enjoy all the meticulous planning and painstaking maintenance required to sustain a sprawling city and watch it prosper through the years. Those who would gladly trade the instant gratification of a bloody shootout with the chance to show their creations to their slack-jawed friends and calmly explain that hey, all This Wasn’t Built in a Day. And that the materials were very reasonably priced, purchased at a -80% discount.

Legendary heroes, mythological beasts, and lots and lots of sturdy columns. Zeus + Poseidon have blessed this game with some of the most solid city-building mechanics around, coupled with refined management gameplay and that extra bit of quirkiness which sets it apart from its counterparts.

Space colonization has never been more engaging that for those who landed on Alpha Centauri. Seven unique factions, each with its own characteristics and playstyle, set out to conquer the future of the human race but it turns out that we may not be the only ones out there.

Make the strategically sensible moves and purchases, lay down your plans, and realize that achieving greatness takes time, for This Wasn’t Built in a Day. But you can speed up the process and make it far more enjoyable with the likes of: Pharaoh + Cleopatra, Sengoku, Caesar 3, Europa Universalis, and more!
The promo will last until August 19, 9:59 AM UTC.

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