Weekly Staff Picks: The Final Frontier

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Weekly Staff Picks: Final Frontier – Starpoint Gemini 2, SPAZ, Spacecom and more up to 80% off!

We love space. We love space wars and space exploration in all sorts of space places. We just brought you many great games from a galaxy far, far away – but that doesn’t mean we should forget the many ones that remain. Weekly Staff Picks: The Final Frontier is our selection of a variety of deep-space gaming experience at up to 80% off!

Starpoint Gemini 2 will take you on a breathtaking journey across a dynamic, ever changing galaxy. The gameplay mixes a complex, but accessible RPG system with real-time 3D combat. Over fifty diverse factions – states, companies and outlaws – are locked in a power struggle over resources and territory, and the playground is yours to enjoy. This space-opera title is bound to become your newest cosmic addiction at a neat 50% discount.

Space Pirates and Zombies takes a more classic approach to dynamic open-world spacefaring. At first you will play a top-down shooter like the ones we knew and loved in years past, but beneath it all lies so much more – instead of flying a single ship, you will get to be in charge of an ever growing and evolving fleet, unlocking the rich tactical elements of SPAZ. In space no one can hear you go “BRAAAINZZZZ!”, not even for 80% off.

Sometimes, you just want to dive straight into a no-frills tactical experience, where the only thing that lies between you and victory is the most foolproof strategy in the galaxy. Spacecom is that strategy, stripped down into the barest of bones: 3 units, 3 buildings – and an infinite number of possibilities can now be yours for -66%

Meridian: New World is a deep, full fledged RTS, entirely designed by a talented one-man team. Countless options to devise your own strategy, including varied equipment options for your units – go in for a massive head-on assault to weaken enemy forces, or take the covert approach and sabotage their production with a handful of elite units. The strategy you use and its consequences are entirely up to you. If you’re in the mood for some strategic challenge in a brave new world, you can pick it up for 66% off.

Explore new strange worlds, seek out new life and new civilizations, and boldly game where no man has gamed before with Weekly Staff Picks: The Final Frontier. Get five stellar games at up to 80% off, including Space Run: Fast and Safe Delivery, for the next 72 hours, until Thursday, January 29, at 10:59AM GMT.

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