Midweek Sale: Runs on your platform, up to -84%

Classic Games

Might as well jump! Go ahead and jump.

Rise and shine: it’s leg day, so put your trainers on and let’s go chase some baddies, power-ups, and assorted collectibles.

Lots of places to do that: we can try Owlboy’s lush forests, Rogue Legacy’s castles, Cuphead’s twisted playgrounds, Guacamelee’s Mexican temples, or Pinstripe’s creepy purgatory.

Those looking for non-platforming experiences, make sure to tune in for Wandersong’s lovely tale and keep practicing your legwork while dodging hulking meanies in Lords of the Fallen.

The Midweek Platformer Sale ends February 16th, 11 PM UTC.

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Source:: GOG – Good Old Games


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