Release: The Final Station

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The (s)train of horrors.

The Final Station, a side-scrolling survival game about managing a train riding through the zombie apocalypse, is available now for Windows and Mac, DRM-free on

Here are the things one needs in order to survive the infected hordes: serious firepower, dependable allies, and a sturdy vehicle for the big escape. As luck would have it, you find yourself at the helm of a thundering locomotive. Unfortunately, though, the other two commodities will prove much harder to come by.

See, people can be valuable assets, but also huge liabilities. Like that fellow you just found after shooting your way through an abandoned warehouse. Burning with fever and desperation, he claims to be a talented mechanic and begs you to take him with you. Should you let him on board and risk spooking the others or leave him and your humanity behind? You need to make the call and fast, before the shrieking hordes come too close for comfort…

Lead a train full of desperate souls through the infected hordes and into The Final Station, DRM-free on
If you want to make the ride a tad more luxurious, book a seat at the Collector’s Edition wagon or ask the conductor for an upgrade later on.

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Source:: GOG – Good Old Games


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