Weekly Staff Picks: Spring Rolls

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Up to 80% off Wizardry 8, Paper Sorcerer, Avernum 2, the Eschalon trilogy, and more!

Did you notice? Spring is almost upon us! Birds are chirping, girls are blooming, snowflakes glimmer in the sun. But the important thing is, moods are changing as well. The season calls for happy faces, friendly embraces, a spring in your step. If that role doesn’t suit you, however, you can choose to play a different one instead: that of a mage, a warrior, a thief, or even a lizardman. So don’t let the season dictate how you feel, just open one of those scrumptious, heavily discounted Spring Rolls, roll the dice, and unleash your own personal mood.

The Empire rules the surface but deep in the cavernous underworld a group of heroes seek the crystal souls, hoping to also find a way to repel the imperial invaders. Multiple playable races, dozens of towns to visit, and over 60 spells and abilities to master make Avernum 2 a turn-based RPG of great depth, both literally and figuratively.

With the world circling a vortex of all-engulfing darkness, it falls upon your heroic group to try and reach the Cosmic Circle using any means necessary, in order to avert the upcoming cataclysm. Take advantage of the different story paths of Wizardry 8 and bring the acclaimed series to the epic conclusion that you have imagined.

You started out as a nameless amnesiac but soon your adventures through the unforgiving, isometric world of Eschalon escalated immensely. You came to doubt your origins and your place in the world but with unlimited character development options and a gazillion of customizable traits, this saga’s outcome is bound to feel quite personal.

Spring Rolls in and some hefty discounts on hardcore role-playing games roll out! Go and pick your class, your race, or …read more

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