Two-Step Login & HTTPS Everywhere

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An extra layer of protection for you and your account.

Today, we bring you two-step login: an optional extra layer of protection for your account. In the coming weeks, we’ll also be making all communication between you and GOG encrypted by default with HTTPS everywhere — both methods often requested on our wishlist, but also simply pretty smart to offer.

Two-Step Login
Two-step login is an extra layer of protection for your account. Every once in a while, we’ll ask you to verify your identity with a 4-character security code sent to your email. Simple stuff.

Two-step login is optional, but we really recommend it. It’s designed to bug you only when we notice something unusual — like logging in from a new browser or location. By doing this, we make sure that there’s no way to gain unauthorized access to your account without both your GOG password and your email account. When used to its full potential with unique passwords for every account, two-step login can be virtually impenetrable.

To enable two-step login, simply head to your Login & Security settings, verify your email address, and enjoy the extra peace of mind. For more information, check out the FAQ.

Additionally, you can now end all of your active sessions in one click — this includes every device or browser you ever logged in through. It’s a handy feature if you’ve recently used a public computer, or if you simply want to be sure no device is still logged in to your account.

HTTPS everywhere
GOG Galaxy has already supported HTTPS everywhere for some time, and now we’re beginning to roll it out globally. That means HTTPS support for every connection between you and — all secured with industry-standard encryption. Every bit (and byte) of data that travels between …read more

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