Release: Hard West: Scars of Freedom

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Where liberty costs an arm and a leg.

Hard West: Scars of Freedom, the organ-swaping story set in the spooky, turn-based Weird West, is available now for Windows, Mac, and Linux, DRM-free on You can also pick up the base game with a 30% launch discount.

Is death a fair price to pay for a taste of freedom? How about a pound of flesh? Libertee, a former slave who got gravely injured while trying to escape, unwittingly becomes the subject of Dr. Gorman’s brutal experiments. He reanimates her and augments her body free of charge, but when Libertee wakes up there will be hell to pay.

No matter how you choose to dispose of your opponents in the turn-based battlefields of the horror-filled Weird West, body augmentations can give you a gross advantage. Stitching in the iron stomach of a war veteran for additional courage or replacing your heart with that of a bull’s for increased vitality are all fair game. That is, until you look yourself in the mirror and start wondering who the monster of this story really is.

Hunt down a shadowy cabal of dubious practitioners of medicine and try to close your Scars of Freedom, DRM-free on The 30% discount will last until March 11.

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