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GALAK-Z an advanced, open-world space shooter, is available now, DRM-free on with a 20% launch discount on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

Fast, brutal, and responsive. What else could you possibly ask of an action-packed, open-world, physics-driven, bullet-hellish, space dogfighting game?
GALAK-Z harkens back to the days of 2D space shooters, but puts every possible modern twist and improvement on the formula. You take the helm of a cutting-edge, sublimely-controllable spacecraft – it’s you vs. the universe – you’re outgunned, but with a bit of practice you’ll also be unmatched.
You also may just get the chance to transform into a hulking, laser-sword mech.

Dominate the wide wide space in GALAK-Z available now, DRM-free on The 20% launch discount will last for two weeks, until November 13, 3:59 PM GMT.

In the press:
“There are a thousand little points of tension beyond the “die and restart” loop, and that’s what helps GALAK-Z stand comfortably among the best roguelikes ever created.”Polygon

“The amount of love and effort that went into crafting GALAK-Z is plainly evident…17-Bit has produced nothing short of a masterpiece.”Hardcore Gamer

“GALAK-Z’s controls are smartly designed and responsive, which is crucial in a game like this. What really pushes it to the next level is the tremendous amount of detail put into the enemy design and the combat. It has a steep learning curve, but mastering it is an extremely rewarding experience.”US Gamer

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