Weekly Staff Picks: Masters of the Arcane

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There are two kinds of people in the world: those who believe in magic and those who choose to be boring. For magic is the enemy of mundanity, an agent of chaotic entertainment, and an integral part of our Weekly Staff Picks, which bring to the forefront some of the most skilled and celebrated Masters of the Arcane. So cast your rational precautions aside and let’s follow them through that shimmering portal!

Cooldowns and spell memorizing have been the bane of many a spellcaster. But what if you weren’t held back by such constraints, free to wield unlimited power, build your own devastating spells, and lay waste to the armies of darkness in first-person magic-blasting? Then you would probably be a mage of unique talent, thrown into Lichdom: Battlemage‘s brutal playground.

A labyrinthine Ziggurat full of terrible creatures and shiny loot is what stands in the way of your being official declared a wizard. And since you can’t skip the trials, why not enjoy the heck out of them? Choose your perks, explore the randomly-created dungeons and magically disintegrate the enemy hordes with a combination of weapons and arcane powers

Not even demons are impervious to the charms of an addictive action-RPG with loads of clickable loot and destruction. Plus, they have the power to possess legendary heroes and make them do their bidding, adding an extra layer of variety and replayability to this spellbinding journey through the ruins of Shadows: Heretic Kingdoms.

Let your crystal ball guide you through the Weekly Staff Picks we conjured up and p(l)ay your tribute to the powerful and unpredictable Masters of the Arcane. You will also find them dwelling in The Last Door, Serpent in the Staglands, 99 Levels to …read more

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